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Carpenter/Blacksmith Shop






1999 After Restoratoration

The first restoration project at Pt.Sur was completed in 1999 after more than 2 years of work.The Carpenter/Blacksmith Shop was closed and sealed in 1974 when the Coast Guard automated Pt. Sur Lightstation and the keepers left. It was not re-opened until the early 1990s. The first priority for restoration was treating the building for termites, then cutting away the dry-rot in the floor and lower walls. Rotting supports were replaced. New windows, where needed, were custom manufactured to match the non-standard originals. New floorboards were put down where the old ones where unsalvageable. The roof was re-shingled. Gutters ensured proper drainage. The paint colors were determined by analysis of existing layers of paint, and the paint scheme copied from old photos. Tools from the 1920s for carpenters and blacksmiths are currently being added as we acquire them. Soon, the old carpenter/blacksmith shop will be ship-shape as it was in 1929.