Month Date Day Time
April 14 Monday 6:45 PM
May 14 Wednesday 7:15 PM
June 12 Thursday 7:45 PM
July 12 Saturday 7:45 PM
August 10 Sunday 7:15 PM
August 11 Monday 7:15 PM
September 8 Monday 6:45 PM
September 9 Tuesday 6:45 PM
October 7 Tuesday 6:00 PM
October 8 Wednesday 6:00 PM
Moonlight Tours 2014
Arrive early.   First come, first served.   Reservations not accepted.
Visitors may not remain in their vehicles.
No:      * Pets (even left in cars)
             * Picnicking, food wrappers or trash
             * Large motorhomes or campers
             * Strollers or baby carriages
             * Beach access
             * Smoking
Photography for personal enjoyment is encouraged. Photography for publication requires a permit.

Private tours may be arranged for groups of up to 40 people. There is a minimum fee of $240. Call well in advance (831) 625-4419 or email for information.

Be prepared for cold and windy weather, even in summer. Wear comfortable walking shoes and layered clothing. Tours may be cancelled due to extreme weather.

Call (831) 625-4419 or email
Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted in our Gift Shop.
California State Parks does not discriminate against individuals with disabilities. Prior to arrival, visitors with disabilities who need assistance should contact the park office to determine if their specific needs can be met. Call well in advance of your visit (831) 667-0528. To use the California Relay Service with TTY, call (800) 735-2929 (MCI) or (877) 735-2929 (Sprint) and without TTY, call (888) 877-5379. Online or

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Special Tours
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Special Events: Are held throught the year, including Whale Watch Tours, Ghost Hunts, and special Halloween Tours. Check the Home page for dates and information.